No Smoking Day
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I don't feel any different!!! Am I normal!!!

Hi All,

I know this probably sounds wierd but I'm on day 2 and I feel fine. I have thought about having a cigarette a couple of times and then just thought well I don't smoke anymore. I don't have any withdrawal symptoms or I wierd?

I went to the shop today to get stuff and I would usually get some cigarettes too. Instead I just looked at the cigarettes and felt a huge sense of pride. I'm a non smoker and happy with that.

I hope everyone else on day 2 is feeling ok. Message me for a chat if you like.

Have a fun weekend.

Lots of love.


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hey clare,

well done to you. If you are this calm on day 2 then you are doing very well.

Hope it stays like that for you but if not rememeber to post on here for advice before you consider smoking,



Hi Clare, good to hear your feeling good and relaxed. This could be as bad as it gets for you, everyone is different and has different experiences.

The important thing to remember though is your decision to quit, don't be tempted to smoke because you are finding it easy to stop at the moment. I do hope this feeling stays with you though, good luck.

Lorraine :)


HI Clare,

My experience was very much like yours; although I felt a little funky on day two the rest of it has pretty much been a breeze.

I'm in a strange situation where I was thinking on stopping, I knew I should and I wanted to, I just didn't plan it on happening when it did. 4 weeks in I'm starting to question myself as to why I'm doing this, I know it's all good but the mind can play interesting games on you.

Look at it as what it is and you'll do fine.'s the best thing you could ever dream of doing just in case you were wondering :)


Hi Claire,

I'm on day 2 as well and feeling really good about it. Still feeling really positive and not really thinking about smoking too much. I'm worried about when I have a couple of glasses of wine cos that's when I've failed before when I've tried. My willpower just collapses!!


O well you guys are just LUCKY, LUCKY, LUCKY or not very heavy smokers...?:rolleyes::p:)

I hope it stays that way for you, but there is a bit of a mental thing you have to adapt to , and times when you would've smoked may be a bit hard.....


Everyone is different, if on Day 2 you feel ok then thats OK.

If you don't feel OK on day 2 then thats OK too, there is nothing 'wrong with you' in fact if your feeling sh++t or feeling good and you haven't smoked, I would say there is something VERY RIGHT about you

Hugs to all


Hi Clare,

That certainly is great, don't worry everything is perfectly normal but a word of caution don't underestimate the addiction brought by nicotine, if you can right now, avoid smoking at all cost.


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