No Smoking Day

Day 11

hello all - I am on day 11 and still surprised that I got that far.

Yesterday was a bad day - the worse so far, worse than day 3 even - my mind was just intent on thinking about smoking and would not be distracted. I could not concentrate on anything and nothing seemed to work, not even eating. It seemed that the day lasted forever and it only got better when I went to bed. So far this morning no urge at all. It looks like others on Champix (Jude - Smokesignal) also suffered although I am a couple of days behind them. Does anyone know if this is to be expected - whether on Champix or not?

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yeah, dont think its anything to do with champix or not. Some days are just not so good as others, as long as you can accept that and just get on with it you'll be fine.

They get fewer and fewer btw. Good luck today, have a lovely smoke free day and weekend! :)


Hi Cat

Sorry about your bad day yesterday 9 & 10 Was bad for me. Think everyone has bad days what ever the method. Well done for getting past it one good thing we have many more good days than bad. Linda xxxxx


hiya, my day sounded just like yours, a early night feeling sorry for ourselves must have worked!

im better today and glad you are too

at least we know we are not alone!!

jude xxxx


Thanks! It is so reassuring. I was reading somewhere how Champix users quit with no urge, etc - how easy it was and I thought I was the only one getting this...

It was really bad. I was obsessed and could not get rid of it at all...arghhh - much better today though!

Have a great weekend X


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