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No Smoking Day
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Oh my goodness - Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello guys. Just wanted to tell you that I didn't smoke last night. Not one single puff! And my patch fell off while we were out + I still did not smoke!!!!!!

Think I may be doing really well!!!!! Nearly three weeks plus one night out with lots of alcohol + a friend who was smoking all night!!!

Am i just brill or what?!!! hee hee :)

I have been looking forward to telling you all day!!!!! (My friend thinks I'm mad!!!) :D x x

2 Replies

that is fantasic Est :D well done you!!!

so nice to find out life rocks on without smokes!!

As for being mad :rolleyes:

I'll need to hear a second opinion on that :p


Hey that's brilliant!!! Well done!!! I know how hard that can be and I have succumbed to the evil cigarettes on many such occasions. That really is fantastic! You should be so proud of yourself! Hopefully it has given you the confidence to know that you can handle any situation without cigarettes now! Yay you! :)


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