Day 6- But Internet Is Down!!

I am currently at the library using the computer since my trusty internet provider has failed and I dont have access ...just to let you know it may be days before I will be able to post today is Day 6 I am hoping to be posting after day 9 or 10. Last night was a real challenge, my first hardcore craving since I quit. I had an argument with my husband (his ex-girlfriend called to chat) and triggered me in a big way. I went to bed to you soon I hope...

Smoke Signal XXXXXXXX

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  • Men *hmmmpf*

    Glad you got through x x x

    hang tigh stay strong catch you soon ;)

    ~Buffyx x

  • So i guess a threesome was not on the cards then

    Pure genius you!! :rolleyes:

  • yeah..


    yeah.. :rolleyes:

    good thinking Phil:D

  • lol

    present company accepted x x x x

    My man is just being one of those royal non communicitive a holes who gets the hump and walks out for 3 days :mad:

    He is being so very very selfish and I have no idea how to make him behave! lol like having an an extra child on board at mo :rolleyes:

  • ISP down - strike a light - we could always do it the old fashioned way ...

    Hang about steady on there

    Cor blimey, there must be an art to this smoky malarkey ...

    Struth, where have I left me Zyban (cough cough splutter splutter)

  • Oh my that was smoke signal communicating earlier!!

    Argh soz i called the fire brigade :o

  • saves it getting out of hand ...

    stay in the river Bambi

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