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My Dream

I had an awful dream last night. i dreamt that i went to visit my mum in york as i often do, but stated smoking and when i realsied i had been smoking for 2 days!!!!!!!

I was really upset and in my dream i dreamt about this forum but i didn't want to come on here and tell you all that i had started again.

i woke up and was sooo relieved it was just a dream because it seemed so real and for a moment when i woke i thought I had dreamt it because I actually had given in the day before!

Thank goodness it was only a dream because i have gone 17 days now without one single puff!!!!! :rolleyes: x x x

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Don't worry I have bad dreams about smoking too sometimes. It's such a relief when you wake up and realise you haven't had one isn't it! :)


yeah it was such a relief! i think i dreamt it cos i was speaking to my friend that evening who i am going out with sat night + was telling her under no circumstances should she let me smoke!!!!!!

that will be the real test for me i think - it's the first time since i quit that i will be drinking but i plan to take lots of mints + chewing gum + lollys with me!!! when my friend goes out for a cig, I can have a lolly! Everyone was telling me I will look stupid but i can't look any more stupid than the people who are standing outside in the freezing cold for the purpose of killing themselves!!!!!!! lol



I don't think you'll look stupid. I think that's a really good idea. If you tell some of the smokers why you have a lolly instead I bet some of them will be jealous that you have given up - even though they probably won't admit it and some will tell you that you'll cave eventually etc. Don't listen to them though.


I won't!!!! I am just going to think, as long as I get through that night then I have really done something to be proud of! and people will probably say stuff like that but my friend will probably pucnh them!!! lol!

I chose my first night out very carefully! I made sure that I'm going out with a friend who will encourage me not to smoke - my other friends would probably say just have one tonight + then don't smoke again tommorrow but I can't do that. So I'm going out with Gabi who will ask me something like "what's the point of smoking when you have come this far".....

I don't care what anyone thinks anyway, I'm gonna buy myself a gorgeous outfit + I'll (hopefully :confused:) look too stunning for anyone to notice!!! lol

And I can spend a little extra on my outfit because I'm not smoking!!!!!! Result!!!!!

awww thanx supersonic!!! x x x:p


Oh my god!!!! i did that today!!!! I swear I'm not just saying that! there was a girl waiting at the bus stop + she lit one cigarrette + then one more straight after + i thought god girl! one cig after another? blurgh!

but i used to be like that! (have you heard me as if I've been quit for years!!!!)

It's true what they say about ex-smokers being the worst! we just can't help it can we!!! lol :D


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