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No Smoking Day
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Oh My God!!!

My word,

dont know how the hell im still here today.....

To say ive craved is an understatement-all day long-every minute of the day today!!

I very nearly bought some fags today,i thought "ill just buy ten" and didnt and then shall i..? i didnt,dont ask me why...?

Why am i feeling like im going to cave...? after nearly 3 weeks..?

Im scared that if i feel like this tomorrow ill def cave..:(:(:(:(


Thanks,Lisa xxx

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Oh its hard for me to tell you not to smoke because i did a post earlier saying i was going to give up giving up i couldnt do it anymore but i didnt. I listened to some lovely people on here that told me not to do it.

It really wont help you although you think now it will.

Keep going please. Keep going with me. We can do this. Smoking isnt going to make us feel better really will it.

Tomorrow will be a better day i am sure. x


Where's Claire?! :confused:

3 weeks is reknowned for a last grasp at you from mr nicotine! don't let him win please x x x x

because just as you think it can get no worse the sun comes out and the birds do sing x x x

You are missing out on nothing!! it's them that smoke that are missing out on this freedom x x x

hang tight stay strong,

hour by hour x x treat by treat ;)

~Buffy x x


Thankyou guys for the comments-just what i needed to hear:)

I can honestly say that i have been really panicking today,really thought i had it sorted....how wrong can i be..? felt like day 2 all over again!!

As you guys say tomorrow is another day and to be honest im not feeling too bad at the minute but my god the cravings really gripped me today:eek:

Buffy-claire is still going strong-having the odd sh**ty day but doin ok,its just me that writes the posts most of the time as im on my computer more:rolleyes:

Anyway day 18 tomorrow,im sure ill be fine...thankyou again you gang really help:)

Ill keep you posted,Lisa xxx


Good glad you have come through the otherside we will try our upmost

to see you through this x x x x

Glad Claire is doing ok too and not deserting you :D

stay focused ;)


YAY! very happy to see you in here today :)

you would have been feeling a lot worse today if you had caved, but our opinion of you wouldn't have been scathed, we're here for you no matter what have a great day you lot!

stay strong and keep smiling x x x x


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