No Smoking Day
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Mmmm that sweet day 17 feeling :)

Wonderful aint it? i could (and will) get used to this, waking up fresh every morning, literally able to smell the coffee and able to take a deep breath of the fresh morning air without coughing my lungs up

i feel absolutely great! supermans got nothing on me!

A great big hello to you all, especially those on the same day, Andy and all you others AND HI! to Lucy & Claire, i hope you guys are staying close? you have to be! if only to get to day day 17 coz it feels great :D

Well im off to start another day of working for my living :| ah, who cares? becuase this IS living! finally!

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Jimi - I think I'll have whatever you're having! :)


The secret?

black coffee :D

oh, and two sugars :) goes down lovely with all the support from this lot :D


I'm not a big coffee fan, but I could make tea drinking into an olympic sport. Which reminds me....

*tootles off to put kettle on*


ahaha! oooh *looks around* it would appear i've been left alone in the office! the manager is offsite and while i was keeping my head down working everyone else has gone shopping! pfft... i got a bottle of cherry coke i dont care! :)

i think im fighting nicotine with caffeine... *shrugs* ah well.. it works


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