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Trying Again Number 10000000000000000000

Going to give it another go starting from 1 hour ago. After buying a pack of 10 this morning and realising they have gone up yet again £2.44 now yesterday im sure they were 20p less than that, but then i dont really notice the price. block it out i think. i only noticed today because the woman who served me said "bloody hell theyve gone up overnight".

Last night i was in the shop with my daughter and she was asking for some drinks for her pack lunches (she usually has orange in a flask thingy) and I had the cheek to pull my face cos they were £2.00 for 4. Puts it into perspective a bit. Sorry im waffling now. I will be posting tomorrow on Day 1 and hope I can mustor the strength to do it this time for the last time.

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Looby Lou!!

Great to see you back,

Sure you will crack this x x as we all will, welcome back, I know this is important to you.

Stay strong and keep going x x x

~Buffy x x



welcome back!!! im sure you can do it this time xxxxx


Hi Looby Lou, have you thought about getting a prescription from your Doctor for some Champix. I smoked between 40 and 50 a day for 47 years, and Champix have really, really helped me to quit. I am on day 22 now, and it has not been nearly as bad as l was expecting it to be. It might be worth a try.:)

Love Josie


Thanks everyone - what a nice welcome back. Have been lurking alot lately. I have thought about the champix but am not a good tablet taker. Have always thought if they put side effect sheets in cig packets that would be me sorted. lol.


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