No Smoking Day
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got over the 72 hours! Yipee

Well I made it, got over the first 72 hours. wayhey. To be honest it was a nightmare!!!!! Everywhere i look everyone has got a cig. It's doing my head in. I'll get there. Kids have commented on how well the house smells! Just need to get some 'no smoking signs now'!!!! Sorry to babble on but gotta do something with my fingers. x:confused:

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Thanks. I honestly didn't think i'd get this far x


will do. Couldn't get thro it without this site either. it does me the world of good to realise i'm not going thro this on my own!


Well done Debs!! now you have got further than you imagined you should be very proud of yourself and have a new found boost to keep going x x x x

Keep rewarding yourself ;)

~Buffy x x


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