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16 Weeks today Yipee


Morning World,

I have been smoke free for 16 whole weeks and I'm so pleased with myself bursting with pride. Because yesterday I just couldn't get ciggies out of my head don't know if its coz I had a drink the night before? Over it this morning thank goodness. This is the longest I've gone actually its 2 months longer, I can't believe it and I have to thank you for helping me get here I've had some shit things happen and you have helped me get through those times. I found this forum at 9 weeks smoke free and was on the verge of starting smoking again, but thanks to this forum I didn't so Thank you much appriecated enjoy the rest of your weekend :)



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Hi Dolly :D

Great 16 weeks done and dusted well done big hug on it's way for you

I remember how desperate you sounded when you first arrived here and I'm so pleased we were able to help you to stay quit


Marg xxxxxxxx

Hey you! Well done! Big massive hug! I have just comne through a niggling patch. Didn't want the fag, couldn't stand the thought of breathing in that smoke, but kept thinking 'if only I could just have one little hit of nicotine in a pill I would feel better'. Stupid demon. Have a good sunday anyway xx

Well done Babe, 16 weeks wow, bet we NEVER thot we would get so far, well done and well done for having a drink and not smoking.

I didn't go out after all was too scared incase I got tempted, so it looks like I've stopped drinking as well............:eek: 29 days smoke free and 29 days drink free OMG....

big (((((hugs)))))

Hi Kate :D

29 days finished that's great big hug for you

You'll know when you're ready to go for that drink Ok


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Morning, dolly, 16 weeks is fantastic, a massive well done to you, drinking is a tough one to dal with but you have done it! keep going and keep smiling,


Thanks Ladies,

It feels good going to my best friends for bbq so more drinking today. Kate well done you have done really well big ((((((hugs)))))))) to you 29 days brilliant. Fiona I agree it's like that sometimes my Mum said that happens at times I wont give in. Tracy thanks hun and you keep smiling too, Marg as ever thanks so much you always give good advice and make us all feel good a big hug to you too.




Great Stuff,,,,,

Hey Dolly, Well done to you, Keep up the good work, U have done fantastic and I like u dont think I would have got this far without the forum..... .... Kaz x :p

Hey dolly, well done on 16 weeks thats fab!

those niggles do get less and you get stronger xx

Brilliant Dolly, you have done fantastic. Hey, they should offer this site as part of the quit programme :D

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done you, that's something to feel really proud of!

Well done Dolly you deserve a great bit pat on the back.


Thanks everyone

Went to my best friends for bbq and there were a couple of smokers there and they were polite enough to say "we know you have stopped so we wont light up" I said "don't worry about it I'm ok" to be honest I was dreading them smoking. To my surprise on this occasion I was fine and it didn't bother me at all.




Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Dolly,

16 weeks is wonderful. Excellent milestone, well done.:D

Stay strong.


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