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Day 72 & knackered

Half marathon done in 1 hour 55 mins not easy but ok. Now for the hard bit and keeping this lot up.

Came 2,878 out of 8000 whoppeee.

Had to laugh beyond the finish line, waiting to get medal, bloke who had done the run, trying to be all hard, sparked one up. Guess trying to say look Ive just run for 2 hrs and can still fag it, made me smile, kinda thing id do, wot a dick:p

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Congratulations! I couldn't run round the block, let alone do a half marathon. You should be really proud of yourself. As for mr 'I can smoke and have it all' you just know reality will bite him on the arse some time, and bite him hard. You can definitely afford to feel superior there!!

Brilliant :)



Well done AndrewG, fantastic achievement, wish I could do something like that but I have a busted knee. I'm gonna aim for "Race for Life" this year in honour of a good friend. It may only be 5k but it's a start. Shame about "The smoking man"...just think what he could achieve if he didn't smoke....ironman triathalon? LOL!

Again, huge congrats....blind people with your medal.

Lisa xxx


Well done mate !!!

You must be feeling on top of the world!!



Congtratulations - what a great achievement :)


Not sure if I will now go back to eating marathons as opposed to running them but looking back am glad I did it. No way could I have if I was still smoking.

Last 3 miles were a killer and I could have easily have stopped and given up, but just kept telling myself that it would be a real let down to stop. I gritted my teeth and carried on. Kept thinking get this mile out of the way and then see how the next one is.

All sounds a bit too familiar with the thought process required in the quit and be it Im chuffed I did it, would swap any day to be in the Penthouse right now having a cold one.

Best foot forward to all


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