No Smoking Day

My many reasons for quitting somking

1. Will have more money and not spend money on killing myself.

2. Health - don't want to die from smoking related illness + don't want to be short of breath + unfit.

3. Wedding - don't want to be a smoking bride.

4. fertility - my fertility is bad enough - don't make it worse.

5. My house will smell nicer + my walls will not be stained with nicotine.

6. Don't want to smoke around my future children.

7. Don't wanna let down my Dad who died b4 Xmas + hated me smoking.

8. Will be hard to smoke when i start my new job.

9. My teeth will be whiter.

10. I will know i have the willpower to carry out the things i believe in.

So, evil cigarettes - stick that in your pipe + smoke it - cos i won't be!!!!!!!

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I'm glad i found this forum babe. i love forums anyway (especially elvis!) so when i am struggling i can just come on here + i think that will help! everyone is in the same boat + that makes it seem easier!!!!! Everyone is so nice + supporting!

thanks hunnie

x x x x x


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