Day 5

Hi peeps,

I didnt start a day 4 thread yesterday so i thought id better do one today just so you all know im still with you ;)

Hope everyone is doing ok, hows all the new years quitters doing?

Ive been up since half 3 this morning but im doing fine at the minute cause it was only a couple of weeks ago i was going through all this ha ha. Im actually doing surprisingly better than i thought i would :D

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  • Well done sara

    Keep strong you are doing great. Linda xxxxxx

  • Roll on Monday Sara :)

  • Thanks everyone :D

    How are you all doing. How many news years quitters are there still here

  • Not sure today last count was 13 xx

  • Thats not bad, how many were there at the beginning?

  • I'm here :D hehe

    I think there was 13 to start too but some have gone and some joined etc so it's a different 13 from start!

    Well done Sara! glad it's feeling a bit easier x x

    morning Linda n john x x

  • another one on day 5

    Hi sara

    Another on for your list Im also on day5 today.I was not looking forward to the weekend as I though it would be really hard not smoking, but its been OK really got stuck in to the housework:rolleyes:but its got me through another day.Do not wont another day like day 3 that was really touch and go :(cravings really bad.But I mad it YEAH:)stick with it everyone and hopefully Happy NO SMOKING. Chrissie xxx

  • Hi Sara glad to see your still here. I am just about holding on.

  • well done

    well done sara keep going you are doing great:D

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