No Smoking Day
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12 day's in, feel good

Hey folks, I am new round here.

I am 24, smoked since I was 16, perhaps about 5-10 per day.

I have tried to quit before but never with much commitment.

I have a pretty busy social life, like going out to clubs, love gig's and so on.

Not smoking during the week is not a problem anymore, I can easy go Monday - Friday without having a cig, but when I am out and about with friends who are smokers I allways cave in.

What I am planning on doing as of the 7th of Jan is not to drink any alcohol or smoke any cigarettes, pretty sure they go hand in hand.

Stop one and the other will fall!

Keep this up for a couple of months or so and I will be able to go back to the pub and have a night on the rum....

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Well done on making the best decision you could ever make. You are half way there already if you dont smoke through the week. I think it's a good idea to lay off the booze as it can weaken your resolve. Good luck, stay strong and stay around to let us know how you get on :D



you made a tough decision but also one of the best ones of your life

i too am having to avoid the alcohol at weekends, i used to drink a lot over the weekend with friends, but after a couple of weeks without i can honestly say i havent missed it!

Have a wonderful weekend, stay off the fags and stay sober if you need to, think of the alcohol as the cigarettes, having one will lead to two, and then three and so on, before you know it you'll think, "well, im in control here (hic) i can have one fag and be done with it"

just dont take the risk mate!


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