No Smoking Day

Getting fitter

I think one of the reasons i am in a such a good mood this morning is my physical health.

I play 5 a side football every week and have done for a year or so. (I used to play alot when i was younger but then got lazy - started again last year).

Every week i would have a cigarette on the way to the game and at least two on the way home and omg it was horrible - the wheezing and coughing and shortness of breath i would put myself through on the way home was ridiculous. I think the realisation of what i was doing to myself after football was one of the big motivations to stop.

Anyway the reason for my post is that i have now played twice since quitting. The first game - last week, i was pretty ordinary, probably carrying a few more pounds since Xmas and still only just clearing my lungs. But this week was completely different - i dont think i have played as well for years - i was able to run the whole hour, i was stronger, fitter, faster - it was amazing!! I am 35 and some of the lads i play with are in their early 20s - i was better than most of them!!! LOVED IT - cant wait for next week.

I really recommend exercise guys - is anyone else finding they can do more yet? I reckon its good for the soul and the mood and for proving to yourself giving up smoking is the best thing you can do! :D:D:D

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Good one Paul x x x x x

I have got back to gym too, so I get where your coming from.

I feel much better for it! albeit I do tire, it's a cosy kind of naturasl tiredness if that makes sense?!

Funny all my male mates from school/pub, growing up, still play footy on sundays,

Pot bellies n all :D

Regents park on a sunday can congure up some very hilarious incidents! :D

They mostly smoke too, though a few have quit.

unfortunatley, one reached 1 year on new years eve but he still gets through his NRT Lozenges :eek: hehehe

New you eh Paul? rock on x x

~Buffy x x


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