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Getting started at stopping!

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Morning everyone.

Today is day 1 for me. I have spent the time since I got up saying just one more, just one more. Better that than just one more packet but still not getting on the road to quitting.

The reason I think is fear which is irrational I know as it is just the addiction making me feel like that.

Fear from what? Not dieing? To be able to breathe without reaching for my inhalor? To not have to violently cough to clear my lungs of mucus which makes me feel like I am drowning. To see my legs change from a yucky shade of purple to a nice pink colour? To not smell foul? To have more money in my bank? To not see my sons faces filled with worry when I cough?

There is nothing to fear at all it seems only good things to look forward to.

So the last fag is stamped out. My patch is on (though it fell off & is now stuck on with surgical tape!) & here starts the road to recovery for my body & my mind.

Thanks for listening, needed to put down why I am doing this & to help me stop being such a CHICKEN :eek:

Love Gaynor xx

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Gaynor, you are absolutely right, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain from not smoking. You won't regret your decision.

I'm not going to pretend it's easy, i'm sure you've read enough on here to know it's not, but take it one day at a time, keep focussed on all the good things happening and don't dwell on any negative thoughts. Post on here when it get's tricky, or even when it's not. Benefit from the experience of those who have quit ahead of you, and try to reassure the ones who have quit after you.

One day at a time, you'll get there, you've already made the important decision to quit, the rest will follow.

Well done,

Lorraine :)

Day one -onwards and upwards!

Congratulations on starting a smoke free life. You sound like you know are in the right frame of mind. There are only good things to come from stopping smoking. Good luck.

Hi Gaynor :D

Welcome back to the forum and well done deciding to restart your quit

Take it day by day, hour by hour you know the drill baby steps to start with

Read the links and the posts OK there is nothing to be afraid of in quitting I promise

I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS now you just have to know it as well come on Gaynor one step at a time nice and slowly

Remember we're all here for you to help , support and encourage you we'll cheer the good days and carry you through the bad ones Promise


Marg xx

How lovely to hear from you again and a big Well Done. I'm with Marg on this one, we know you can do it and from today you will know too. Try to distract yourself from the insane chatter in the head, refuse to have an argument with yourself, you are doing this for you. If necessary repeat a phrase or word so that it drowns out other stuff, probably better if it's not smoking related - you could repeat, "Hi Marg and Jackie", if it would help, being insane is different to acting so.

Best wishes.


This will be your last quit if you want it to be

Hi Gaynor Hope this quit is succesfull for you heres my poem for you X

I’m really glad that you’ve quit

Cause in the past you’ve smoked some sh**

Smelly Hair Hands and Breath

Shorter Life but longer Death

Up the hills you’ve got no puff

Smokers cough that makes you rough

So pass each day without the weed

Cause only then will you succeed

So Bravo to all that now don’t smoke

Cause early Death is sure no Joke

Thanks very much Lorraine Elliec, Jamangie & my old friends Marge & Jackie :)

Enjoying the fact that already I can breathe in deeply without a cough catching me so an improvement already :)

Had a nap this afternoon & already that nicodemon was telling me to have 'just the one' in the moments I almost woke up :eek:

That's when the normally week me would have agreed & had one (two,three,four) etc. I didn't of course :) I had 2 after eight mints & a penguin instead. Will swap that for something healthier next time. My sugar levels must have dropped when I was asleep LOL.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend & thanks for your kind words & support again.

Gaynor xx

Hey Gaynor :) Good to see you back! I know your persistence will pay off.... keep reading, posting, etc. You can do it! bella xx

I had 2 after eight mints & a penguin instead.

Careful with those penguins....bird flu and all that:D

Hi Gaynor,

Well done on having the choccies instead of giving in! I found I wanted loads of chocolate the first two weeks after quitting and I am on the patches too. I just had it when I really needed it and now have cupboards full of low fat snacks. I still have a lot but figure its lessening the damage ;)

You CAN do this. Just think how good you will feel getting up tomorrow and knowing that you have gone a whole 24 hours smoke free. Let that help you get through the rest of today.

I agree with the others that taking it hour by hour helps in the early stages. Someone on here said that to me and I found that it helped.

Keep posting and reading and let us know how you are doing.


Thanks Bella, hope your well.

I am ok Marg, I had my swine flu jab LOL.

Thanks Deb, can't afford to put any more weight on, feel like a weeble (wobble & don't fall down!) as it is LOL.

I know the morning will be a toughie bit I've done it before & will do it again this time. Stress at work is gonna be the hardest so have been thinking of ways to handle that other than something I can get locked up for :eek:

Gaynor xx

Good for you G, those previous attempts were just getting you ready for this final push. You know you can do it G, and we have every faith in you. If you were to get locked up, is smoking allowed in clink nowadays. David. xxx

Thanks David,

I doubt you can smoke in clink these days & wouldn't want to anyway. I don't smoke anymore ;)

Gaynor xx

Short and sweet, well done on your decision to quit. Big decision for a bigger life and you can do it.


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