No Smoking Day

day 5 help? not in the mood and sleeping ?

ahhhhhhh ...... well i am on day 5 , am having now about 3 to 4 craves , but thats ok ,,,,,, but still i cant sleep well , i mean i wake up sometimes at 4am then i go back to sleep for 30 min. then i wake up again ,,,,, it makes me feel very tired , plus am having dreams each night , more than one dream each night ....

my secound problom is .... lolollolol ..... ok without smiling or saying "poor guy " or "ohhhhhhhhhhhh" or giving me that sad look ........does anyone have a sex problom ? i mean am not in the mood for sex at all, its been 5 days and am not in the mood for sex or even being a romantic guy, is it the weather or the smoking thing or what ..... this normal , and when it will end ,,,, i really dont care about the craving thing but i do care about using my bed in all ways :-) :confused::confused:

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Oh poor boy he he! dont worry it will soon wear off, and look around the forum mate, theres a hell of a lot of evidence that the big " O " gets even bigger WOW its true. i can vouch for it. Its just gona get better and better from here onwards. Stay strong, xxx ;)


Don't worry, I can totally relate to that. I didn't sleep properly for about a week and a half after quitting and was starting to think I'd never have a full nights sleep ever again! It will get better soon enough though. In fact this week I seem to be sleeping for 9 or 10 hours straight every night (must be catching up on last week). Literally, I'm going to bed at 8pm each night because I'm so tired!

As for other bedroom activities, your interest will come back and you'll probably be more up for it than you ever were as a smoker (that was my experience anyway!). Must be to do with being able to take in more oxygen, so therefore more energy, plus you know you smell good! :D


All of the above!! It is all true x x x

I am on day17 and I have been sleeping much better the last three nights, albeit I am still waking frequently.

Oxygen levels n energy combined make for much better sex life when it sorts out! I have been there ;)

Stay strong

~Buffy x x


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