No Smoking Day
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Day 3

Im getting de ja vue here LMAO

I had the worst nights sleep last night, tossing and turning all night. And having terrible nightmares about my car :eek:again :o

Other than that though the cravings aren`t too bad at the minute but i know they get worse so ill be ok until i reach 12 days again and then when i dont know what to expect ill be a bit wary again.

I think if im honest thats what made me crack last time, not knowing what was coming and how i had gone from feeling like i was on top of the world to feeling like i had hit rock bottom.

All you new years quitters, once i hit day 12 im expecting you to come and tell me what to expect to save me from cracking again :D

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day 12 is just a psychological?? barrier for you, the nico demon is always lurking. Just keep reminding yourself that you don't need that first cigarette whether it is day 1 or day 12.

1 cigarette leads us straight back to full blown addiction.

Keep focused and keep youself busy.

All the best of luck




3 days that's a milestone (nicotine free now or are you on NRT)

Well done you

It's mainly down hill after 12 days, the 3rd & 7th days are the up hills


No im on patches at the minute


If that works for you Sara, have you planned a day to quit the patches?


No im doing with the practice nurse at my doctors surgery i have to go back and get them reduced to a lower dosage then i come off them completely i think.


....then i come off them completely i think.

I'll drink to that :)


hi sara, I was on patches and done it, 6 weeks step 1 then 2 weeks step 2 then 2 weeks step 3. ive been three weeks without the patches tomorrow. my husband who quit with me is still on step 1 patches but as long as hes not smokeing its ok. They did ease the first few days then it gets like you dont need them, But you do..... You realise that when you step down each time. Well i did, but we are all individuals, and i have wondered how much is in the mind. i still have moments of craving, and to be honest i have to get off here because the talking about them makes it worse. other times i realy need to know im not alone in the struggle. Well Good Luck mate with your quit xxx;)


Sara at least you got straight back to quitting. It would have been easy to say ohh sod it and continue to smoke.

I think we all have days when it gets too much, mine was yesterday. You know now that giving in when you feel like just isnt worth it and you will be right back to day 1 again. Keep that thought in your mind and you will be just fine.



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