No Smoking Day

Day 7!!!

Hi guys,

thrilled to say we've made day 7 and feeling pretty optimistic today.

Even went to the pub last night and stood outside with the smokers and didnt even crave!!!

But there is just one on the patches and keep having these horrible bouts of really bad itching, nausea and panic,like now...

Im even thinking of taking the patch off to see if i actually feel better when its off cos these episodes are horrible:(

Has anyone else had this when on patches? I dont know what to do as im scared to be without the patch at this point!!!

Thanks and hope everyone is strong today,Lisa xxx

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hi lisa&claire well done on getting to day 7. i am on patches cant say iv suffered any of the problems your describing, i felt a little bit sick saturday night but not enough to take the patch off, maybe you should see a dr you could be allergic, but iv read they can effect different people in different ways.


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