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Two Weeks Today

Good Morning Everyone,

14th Day today and i have to say i dont think about it nearly as much so i have to assume it's getting better :D

Went to party Sat nite but still dont have the courage to have a beer without reaching for the weed so still beer free too. :eek:

Nearly through reading Allen Carr which helps a lot.

Hope everyone is still posistive :)


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WoooooooW well done Gary. your realy a superstar quiter. hang in there and stay strong. xxx;)


Mornin Gary - yep still here with you

feels great to be saying i have been a non smoker for two full weeks now.

Keep it up mate and as u say its important to feel positive and know your limits - i havent had a drink yet either! Dont feel brave enough for that yet!

All the best to everyone



Well Done Gary. 14 das for me too. x


well done everyone i'm on day 14 too, woke up this morning craving but it's subsided a bit now, don't think i could have done this at all if i'd been drinking. All seems a bit calmer today :o


Well done all! Day 14 here too :D. Had a good weekend, but craving a little bit this morning. (Not exactly craving, but thinking about it rather a lot). I think I still have to get used to not smoking while working (I have my office at home!).

Looking forward to moving to week 3 tomorrow!

Speak later, xxx


hey everyone

im in a really dark place at the moment:( Have been in a bitch of a mood since sat,) got really pissed off last night when i went to my Lindy class and kept getting it wrong. I hate everything and everyone and if i carry on like this i'll be out on my ear!!!

I feel like eyeore, like a bloody great black cloud has descended on me and i cant shake it

My daughters bf came round last night, i smelt he had had a cig before he came, he gave her a t shirt and that smelt of smoke too - i was about 4 foot away - hate the smell but so fed up with feeling like this.. I KNOW smoking doesnt make me happy, but it doesnt make this this bloody miserable either!

Sorry all to bang on like this - hopefully will feel better 2moz. hope i havent depressed you all too :(

big hugs



Don't feel bad about telling us how you feel - this place is for bad days as well as good ones.

I know what you mean about Eeyore. Do you remember the flumps (showing my age here?) There was one episode where a black cloud followed Pootle around, I feel like that's me sometimes, like the cloud is a real physical thing I feel so down.

But - I know it feels like it now but smoking WILL NOT make you feel any better. Any problems will still be there, plus a hefty dose and disappoinment, guilt, anger, etc.

Take it slowly - a day at a time, an hour, a minute - whatever you need to do right now to get you through this. And it will feel better soon, although I know that seems a million miles away now and an impossible mountain to climb.

Look after yourself and stay strong.


I see a lot of doom and gloom but everyone should be aware how well they are doing.

It is not meant to be easy - god knows it's a struggle some days for all of us but we should be proud of what we have achieved so far and look forward to healthier, happier futures without the dreaded weed.

I have made every excuse imaginable in the past why not to stop but once a commitment is made we should all embrace the change and be positive!!

I for one am moving to week 3 club tomorrow and hope to have you Jan 1st quitters on board.

Hope i dont seem patronising as i a am really not trying to be!!!! :)


Well done Gary....great job 2 weeks under your belt and you are turning a major corner keep it up !!!

jojo.24: Don’t be sooo hard on yourself you are doing extremely well.... sometimes it does feel like you are attempting to escape gravity, but there are good days to come. Hbav is spot on when she says ... smoking will not make you feel any better, if you are feeling low and reach for the fags ... you'll just find yourself feeling low + smoking (which would make you feel even lower about stuff). Stay with it, if there are probs deal with the problems chunk by chunk, but try not to get into the mind set that smoking is going to help problems go away.


Hi Gary, WELL DONE YOU. I am also on day 14, so will be joining everyone tomorrow, on week 3. Aren't we all good? :D For 3 or 4 days last week, l found it really hard going, but yesterday and today so far, have been OK. :)



Well done Josie and all other New Year quitters on completing week2 :)


Thank you all for your support - havent succumbed, and really dont intend to.

No other probs goin on thank god just the smoking!!!!! thats enough.

I will get thru this - and no sorry i didnt watch the Flumps:D


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