No Smoking Day
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made it to day 8

really chuffed im at day 8, cant really believe i have gone a full week without a cig:) although yesterday i was struggling a bit was prob the worst day yet, then again i was at the trafford centre lol. still having trouble sleeping, anyone else quit on patches when do sleeping patterns return to normal ?

im really hoping jimi ruth,anna and the others have made it through the weeknd.

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Andy, I quit cold turkey and didn't sleep properly for about a week and a half so I'm not sure that it's anything to do with the patches. I think it's just the nicotine leaving your body or something (although not sure how that happens with patches). It really is frustrating though and the lack of sleep only adds to the bad temper during the day. I know your pain. Don't worry it will pass soon enough.


hello all!

Andy just got your message in my other post mate, thought it was about time i came and joined you all in the Week 2 thread :)

I must say its very nice in here :P congratulations on getting this far mate! saturday wasn't the easiest day, but i was surrounded by loads of other guys all smoking and shooting so it was the ideal place for a smoke but i resisted and here i am! i havent had a craving all day....

not for a fag anyway! i could kill for a meatball marinara from subway though :P

in fact, thats what i'll get for lunch with the money i havent spent on cigarettes this morning :)


well done on resisting on saturday jimi iv not really been around smokers since my quit date, i chickened out of going the pub for a few on saturday lol i will bite the bullet this weekend though, i cant not go the pub for 2 weeks :)


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