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No Smoking Day
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Newbies day 6 tomorrow!!

Hi everybody,

Im Lisa and my best mate is claire,we will be on Day 6 tomorrow after quitting with patches.

We have been reading this forum all week and want to commend all you fellow quitters.

We are both really feeling it after 5 days and both feel physically unwell as well as bad cravings too.We would like to ask anyone when does it start to feel better as we are hanging on by the skins of a gnats nuts:D

Onwards and upwards from tomorrow regardless, Day 6!!!

Hope everybodys doing well,Lisa&Claire xxx

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Hi Lisa and Claire, welcome.

I think everyone is different so i wouldnt like to say when it will be easier. I think you are doing well at nearly 6 days. It must be good having each other though for that close support. As you know from reading these posts this forum is fab too.



Hi both

BIg welcome things get a lot easyer after the first week. But as everyone said each one has different quits. But take it one day at a time support each other and come here and get tons more support. Linda xxxxxxxxxx


Hi Lisa and Claire and img125.echo.cx/img125/8038/...

As others have said, when it gets easier is an individual thing but if you can keep in mind that even the worst cravings only last a few minutes at most and if you can find something to distract you in that time, it will help.

Anyway, keep strong and keep talking!:)


We're still here...

Hi everyone and thankyou for such a lovely welcome!!

As i said we had been reading the forum for our first days and it seems like a very supportive place to be.

Well here i am DAY 6 wow!! never thought it possible,feeling quite determined today although i wasnt when i got up this morning!!!

I decided to phone a friend for some support this morning,she quit cold turkey nearly a year ago and has never looked back.She was a heavy smoker for 40+ years too.

Anyway to cut a long story short i told her how bad i was feeling and she said in her opinion what worked for her was completely "getting her head around it".She says that until you sort of train your mind to think differently you will struggle with witdrawals and cravings also.She said she got her head around it 2 days before quitting and never felt any withdrawals and very rarely craved,she says its mind over matter.

Im going to see if i can try this approach but what do you guys think..?

Is it REALLY mind over matter ? I would like to know your thoughts....

Hope everyone stays strong today...Lisa xxxx:)


Well done girls - its bloody hard isn't it but its gotta be worth it in the end!!!


Mind over matter

According to what the experts say (and they disagree), the nicotine is out of your body after 72 hours to 1 week. After that, it is psychological. In the end, though, I suppose it doesn't matter whether it is the body talking to the brain or the brain talking to the body, it is your determination that will make it work.

So, I would say yes, it *CAN* be true. It's mind over matter, determination over weakness.

In my case, however, it is somewhat different. I know (knew) I would eventually have to quit smoking. So, after having made the decision, I am being driven more from fear of having to go through the quitting sequence again than the promise of being smoke free. I just can't go through what I went through the first few weeks all over again. Even on week 2 I couldn't bear the thought of having to repeat week 1 sometime again in the future. It would have been too much.

Therefore, I'm committed to sticking with it.

Everyone's quit is different. For your friend it was mind over matter. For me it is fear of having to go through the quit again. As we all get deeper into our quit I think we all are better at articulating what it is that drives us and how we cope with it--and each of us is different.

Stick with it!

Rob W

Quit: 18 October 2007

Method: Cold Turkey

Coming up to month 4 this week.


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