No Smoking Day

Is Day 3 Less Grumpy

Hello All

Just found this site, I am on my third day as a non smoker.

Yesterday I was the worlds grumpiest man, I work in Sales and I was just being really short tempered with all my customers, which meant I hardly made any money!!! So much for saving money when i stopped smoking lol

Does anyone know when the mood swings go - please tell me it doesnt take too long!!!!

I am using the cold turkey method after failing with patches and gum, I feel really determined this time though something feels different!

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Please please please can someone tell me when I will stop being sooo irritable - am I talking days/weeks....or I dread to think.....months!!!!


Hi Kev, since I've been grumpy all my life, it's not really a subject I am well qualified to hold forth on! Mrs H bought me some herbal thingies which seem to stop me from committing actual murder - haven't got them here but on Monday I'll tell you what they're called. Assuming you haven't taken someone's head off before then! :D Good luck..:)


Hi kev,

im new to the forum also,im on day 6 today,not doing too bad though as you know its hard!!

I havent had the mood swings and short temperedness(is that a word..:confused:) but my best friend has and i guess it is one of the side effects of nic withdrawal.

Just wanted to say stick with it,it will get easier.

Take care,Lisa xx


Hi Kev, welcome to the forum. I didnt see your first post sorry.

I am on day 13 and i am a moody cow at the best of times. Yep you have your bad days but then you will have a good day. Just stick with it and keep chatting here as it does help to talk to others that know what your going through


Thanks for your replys everyone!!

Unfortunately I'm not getting any less irritable - I was hoping it would just be for the first few days. It really is effecting my earnings because I am on commision only with no basic salary, and nobody wants to give therre cash to someone who's so grumpy lol

Still I am keeping focused and I'm not going to let it get the better of me.

It was my first real test yesterday I spent the day in the pub and managed to not sneak outside for one - this smoking ban helps doesn't it, and to think I hated the idea before !!!!



Tell your customers why you are feeling the way you do. You might be surprised at how many of them have been through the quit and will bond with you on that alone!

Rob W

Quit: 18 October 2007

Method: Cold Turkey

Coming up to month 4 this week.


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