No Smoking Day

YAAY! im here!

Morning all :)

I made it to day 4 and i feel great!

the cravings were gone this morning, i could TASTE my breakfast, and my breathing feels a lot better!

I hope everyone one of the others made it to day 4? this feels amazing!

hte cravings are stirring a bit now that i have arrived at work but are hardly noticeable! its incredible! i reckon if this rate of recovery keeps up i'll be sorted inside of a month :) but im gonna stick around to help support others, and hey - im not quite there yet, anything could happen

but thus far im doing well, i feel even better and im looking forward to today :)

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wooo morning jimi im here with ya too, yesterday was a bit of a struggle but im feeling confident again this morning my head feels alot clearer.


wahey! congratulations Andy, well done mate!

i feel the same, my head is much clearer now, and the cravings are barely existent :) i hope Charlene made it to today, i know she was having a hard time earlier in the week..


Hi Jimi and Andy. Congrats to you both. Glad to be joining you on day 4.

It was a real struggle yesterday and today does feel better. As you say, head is clearer. I still didn't sleep much but better than previous nights. Didn't need as much water either. I firmly believe that cold turkey is the way to do it.

Hope to drop in tomorrow. Still treating it with respect though. Anything could happen between now and then. Keep focused. Ruth.


Hey Ruth :)

Well done on making it to day 4 :)

today may or may not be testing for me as i think my students are due a class today and if they are it will be the first i've taught since i quit :(

i reckon i can take em though :p


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