Champix Experience

Hello all

I just wanted to share my experience of Champix. Before I started taking it I did lots of reading and checked out other peoples experiences and really did not know what to expect. I heard some pretty scarey horror stories and have to admit I was worried.

I started taking it around the 8th Dec and by day 4 I was only smoking 3 a day (from approx 20-25 roll ups a day). I stopped all together on day 7.

First week the only side effect I had was strange dreams. Not nightmares just odd, to be honest some where quite funny!

Other than that the only other effect ive had is slight nausea but this is much better if I take the tablet just before food.

I get a couple of mild cravings per day but nothing like I got using NRT.

I know not everyone is the same and not everyone's experience will be as positive, but I really wanted to share a (so far) good experience of Champix. I really would reccomend anyone trying it to see if it does for you.

Best of luck to everyone :)

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  • Well done to you. You have nearly done a month.

    I was thinking about trying champix but i am on other medication and was worried about take more. So i am trying NRT for the 4th time.

    Its great to hear postitive experiences though.

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