No Smoking Day
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Day 2 - feel sick and splitting headache!

:( I know it won't always be like this - I have taken the patch off as i think it is causing my sickness and headache?? I have this horrible feeling in my tum and i just want to eat all the time:eek:

But.....apart from that I am fine and determined not to have one :) x

I wrote a chart of how much i am saving on a daily basis and put it on the fridge. I am on leave at the moment and havent been out of the house for two days - mind you on the positive side i havent spent any money (normally by now i would have been to the cashpoint twice). I am out for the evening on Thursday, anyone got any suggestions for staying off (for me the downfall has always been alcohol and a cig, they go together in my mind) :D

First time on this brilliant site, its great to know other people are out there feeling the same!

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Hello and welcome. Not sure if i have any advise about alcohol and smoking but you will have to go outside for a smoke and i am sure you dont want to do that. Anyway your a non smoker now.

I had a very strange feeling in my head for the first few days but its gone now.

Your doing well so try and stay positive. x


Hi and welcome! You are doing great!! Hang in there :D UGH the dreaded headache and yucky feeling - you will feel better soon - stick with it! Just think if you continue to smoke you will feel the way you feel now all the time because you will be soooo sick from the years of the nasty nic demon....head up - it gets brighter! ;)


Bit better today

:) So far today I am not feeling too bad - havent put the patch on. Think I might go "cold turkey" as they say!

I read this on the front page of AOL this morning which said.....

"People who adopt four principles for a healthy lifestyle can add as much as 14years to their lives, a major study has revealed.

The four "healthy behaviours" - giving up smoking, taking exercise, drinking in moderation and eating five servings of fruit and vegetables a day - can have a huge impact on life expectancy, researchers at Cambridge University found"

That has helped me alot today in fact I feel like going out and buying some running kit and loads of

Going to go onto day 3 now;)


Well done Susy

First week is the worse. Just take each day has it comes and keep posting Linda xxx


Thanks linda for your support - well done to you to. How is it going for you?


i went to docs for champix but they wouldnt give me it till i went to help meetings for 3 months!!

told him to stick it up his arse and gone cold turkey instead, i know what u meen by wanting to eat all the time im starving:eek:


First time on this brilliant site, its great to know other people are out there feeling the same

hi there , well this is my 2 day ..... trust me ,,,, i feel worse than you :-)

but i feel its like a challenge to me ,,,, no matter what i will not give up , i hope to see you tomorrow at day No. 3 ....


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