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end of day two - feeling sick

Hi All,

I am reaching the end of day two (I had my last cigarette Wed 17/06/09 at 1.35pm)

I am now feeling really, really sick.

Am stuck at work until 3.30 and hoping I will be ok, plus am away for the weekend (every one is no smokers though).


I don't want to listen to that little voice that's telling me I will feel so much better if I just have a cigarette.

When will I stop feeling sick?!

Sorry for the rant, just don't want to give in to the demons.


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Hi Lj :D

Well done on almost 2 days you're doing fine

Sorry you feel sick at the moment but it happens to some of us and soon passes

Enjoy your weekend away

As fir that little voice when those Nico :eek: Demons start their whispering find something to do doesn't matter waht it is even a walk will help as will drinking water [yes I know It sounds daft] but it really does help with the craves

Come here and rant as often as you need there's always someone around


Marg xxxxxxx


Better now

Thanks marg,

Don't feel as sick now - although slightly disappointed that not many people on forum today!

Well just broken the 48hr barrier so that's something to celebrate.

Just really hope that this will be the time I quit for good.



Congrats LJ on reaching day 2..

Can I ask what method of replacement therapy you're using? That may be contributing towards your nausea, though if you're going cold turkey, I'm not so sure..

I'm using half of a 21mg nicotine patch and I'll have reached 5 full days at 5pm today - no nausea as of yet..

Keep going, you're doing great and it's so worth it.

It's helpful when you're around friends and family that don't smoke.. your less liekly to think about it, so your weekend away shouldnt be too much torture for you, hopefully :]

Keep on posting and reading


Hi Emma,

I'm going ct, so won't be any medication that's making me ill, to be completely honest I think it's that evil little nd:mad: that is trying to make me think I will feel better by smoking.

I also have an inhilator, but as of yet I haven't used it, and as I'm now at the 48hr /nicotine left system mark, I really don't think it would help to use it now!

I know I can do this, I really want to. It just seems harder than last time!



Yeah, I havent used my inhalator yet either.. it's the hand to mouth habit and your triggers that are the hardest to break.. your body is relatively easy to wean off the nicotine in comparison..

I figured the inhalator may hinder me but it's there for emergencies since I;d rather reach for the inhalator and not an actual cigarette..

I was told by a smoking cessation advisor it's 80% hand-to-mouth & trigger habit and 20% nicotine dependency.. puts things into perspective really..

I'm trying to train myself off the physical habit and I'll deal with nicotine weaning after a month or two.. :D

This is actually the easiest I've found it so far, I've never made it this far before, it keeps feeling a little bit easier to do as I count the days passing..

Good luck, keep posting and keep us all updated, we'll catch up in the weeks and months forums once we're more established in our quits..



idea for water


Sorry to hear you're feeling ill but WELL DONE on staying away for 2 days, that's great! :)

I found drinking water helped me a lot, but I drank it through a straw. I still do. Somehow I find it more conforting that the normal way and it means I can usually get more water in me. Beware of all the loo trips though but at least they're not fag breaks! :)


Hi LJ well done on your quit, you are doing brilliant. Make sure you are eating and drinking ok as you will need your 3 meals a day now you are not smoking and I found that I felt quite ill if I didnt eat at the right times. When I smoked I would go all day and not eat till tea time most days. I cant do that now I need brekkie, lunch and tea (and lots of little snacks).

Keep posting :)


Hope you're feeling a bit better, LJ..... welcome to the forum as well! I think there is definitely some truth in what you said about you feeling badly to convince yourself to have a smoke! All will be better if you just get to smoke again?? Well, not so much :( Hang in there.... it's the tough part of the quit..... getting through those lies we tell ourselves..... the fact is nothing gets better when you smoke. Remember you have these thoughts/feelings because your addiction needs to be fed. Stay strong and read as much as you can as it is a form of self-hypnosis in a way..... learn the truth about smoking, change the way you think, and it will help you stay on track. 2 whole days.... CONGRATS!


thats fantastic darling!

welcome to your new life!

you wont regret it, i know i havn't and it's only been 14 days for me!

all the symtoms you are feeling are very normal at the moment, they will soon pass.

well done again.





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