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well well well!


today was no where near as bad as i thought :D

in fact it was bloomin hysterical! loved it!

me and my best mate spent da whole day absolutely creased up! tears and everythin!!

tutors were'nt to impressed mind hahahaha

we just both sat and laughed at basically nothin as well lol, was mad!! we both needed a bit of cheerin up, and well our brains just went into random mode lol, were nuts when were together anyway so!haahaha

and tomorrows gonna be cool,i got zoo section from 8:am till half 12! its basically where i work with the zookeepers in paignton zoo!! its nuts! on mamals at the mo, so its like big cats,bats,sloths,rhinos,kangaroos and that type of thing!! its wicked ive stroked a zebra, tapir,the baby rhino, amongst other things! bein so close is....its amazing!! hard to descrbe, i just love every min of it! ive stood 3-4 cms away from tigers and lions! admitidly the lion growled at me and the tiger roared an it scared the sh*t outta me lol but still!! ooooooo and ive hand fed a kangaroo! and bottle fed a baby gorrilla!! loads of stuff!

its just imense!!! hahahaha an i get to prance about in green overalls and steel toe cap wellies from about just before 7 in da mornin :D

woooo hyped myself up bout tomorrow now lol :D

hows u peps doin?!?!


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Hi sweetie it was so fun to read about your day, I'm happy you're feeling great it sure helps you stay quit, positive thoughts can do miracles! :) xxxx

thanks :D thingis tho....now ive hyped myself up lol :D


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