day four

and its not goin all to bad :D

lol admitedly i am ment to be stood out in the freezing cold now but my uncle could'nt wake me up :D lol thats due to not sleeping to well at the moment,due to non smoking i think,then when i do i have odd dreams that wake me up, but nether the less, my days been made better by the fact boudee just brought me cheese on toast :D

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  • Cheese and toast is so often the answer :D!

    Have a good day 4 ,


  • Were's my cheese on toast?!!

    Morning Dumplin x x x welcome to day 4 x x x

    Doing fantastic girl! x x

    ~Buffy x x

  • You go Dumplin, doing just fab! xx

    And aw, how adorable that Boudee :p

  • Wow day 4 already well done. x

  • Well done dump

    Day four allready good girl your doing fab Lindaxxxxxxx

  • Noticing people seem to be complaining of insomnia. Well I have the opposite, I could drop to sleep any given moment!!! I'm on champix, the one thing I have noticed is the really vivid dreams, some good, some bad!!

    Anyhoo, day 4, doesnt feel as bad as yesterday did, but give it time!!!

    Keep smiling and keep strong!

  • Just got one word to say..........


  • It's beginning to feel like someone is playing tricks with my clocks, surely it's years since I had my last fag, not merely 4 days? :rolleyes:

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