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Day 4 feeling weak


I smoked for 38 years, 30 cigarettes a day, having a really hard time today but I am not going to give in.

I am doing the patch seems to be working pretty well not touched a cigarette for 4 days. Have a horrible heavy head today is that normal, feel like I was drinking all night.

Started knitting well should say trying to knit really helps in the evenings. Also started doing the treadmill lost 5lbs this week thats a huge plus.

Well i am determined not to give in to the demons.

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Well Done you are doing great. I had the feeling in my head yestrday, weird isnt it.

Just take everyday as it comes and be positive and proud. x

Cindrise x x welcome on board x x

I am heavy headed today and a bit 'out of sorts' in general.

It is my day 4 too x x I don't want to smoke just feeling 'odd'!! lol

I am crafting too it helps loads, funny, flippy had heavy head yesterday, mines today like you lol!

Having quit before and through others here i know this is for one day~ish only tomorrow will be brighter x x

Just 1 week in and things do change x x not that it's all over but the quit is easier and train of thought differs from this first week. Longer periods of not obsessing etc

Hey you have a massive network of support here and your experiences will help others too x x x x x

We'll do this :D

~Buffy x x

They have no noses in that ad, whats that about? :eek:

Who knows but your mood has picked up....I think anyway.:)

:) aye x x thanks *mwah*

Well done everyone on day 4!!!

My heads a bit weird today to. My brain feels sharper and I've been quite quick witted with an abundance of energy, (actually it feels border line manic), but so far its a better day than day 3.

Peace out


Thanks for the support

Feeling so much better after getting some fresh air and going to the gym, couple of people came in to work out, they smelled of cigarettes, my response (to myself of course) to think I used to smell like that. ugh

Gym is wonderious x x anything out of the norm than you have to go do is a great distraction x x

Cindrisie Welcome

On day 4 myself and just in tesco came all over funny feel a little better now. You will have great support on here we are all trying the same game. staying smoke free. Hope to see you in day 5 Linda. xxxxxxxxxx

Tesco? probably the only time i get to the counter and remember to ask for fags is when i am not smoking!! :o

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