Day SIXERS...Where ya at? <---weak here

Hi all,

I stopped smoking for my New Year's resolution. I smoked bidis (an unfiltered, supposedley pure natural cigarette) consistently for 10 years. Oh my am I hurting. Day 2 was probably my worst as I thought about smoking the entire day. In fact, I am thinking about giving this quitting thing up, but I keep returning to this forum and receiving a new renewed sense of enregy to keep going.

All I know is that I am completely shocked to be 5 days smoke free. Damn, it is hard, but with the strength and motivation of all of you I have made it.

Thankfully, I am about to go to sleep and be on Day six. Thanks everyone and God Bless!


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  • Day 6 is here. Hope its improvment on yesterday. Going to take all my deccys down and keep busy. Speak later Linda xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Just keep it up mate. I felt really rough yesterday and everyone on here motivated me, i was so close to have a fag but i didnt and here i am on day 6

  • Still here on day 6 :D.

    Yeps, I found the last two days the worst (even worse than days 1 and 2).

    I can't exactly explain why, but I have a feeling that everything drags on and on and on and on. I feel like it should be a month, and it's only beginning of day 6. Aaargh.

    But then I do sometimes think about it and go WOW! 5 entire days without smoking and starting the 6th. Amazing!

    So head goes up and down; one moment you're fed up and feel like giving in and the next you feel incredibly proud of yourself... We have made it to day 6!!

    Congratulations to all of you and a big pat on the back (giving myself one right now). We can do it. After tomorrow we'll have done one whole week!!

    We can all do it! Speak later,

    Elenita xxxx

  • I am like you - can't believe that I have not smoked for nearly a week - this is the first time in 15 years I have tried to quit.

    It is hard and I am going through so many mood swings and horrible feelings to get this crap out my system - I just know that if we all stick with it, we will live longer, feel fitter, enjoy our lives more and not smell like an ashtray (I went to bowling yesterday with a smoker - I tell you, I could smell him from 10 meters away and it was disgusting).

    I also feel that no-one is finding it as hard as I am to quit, but thanks to this forum and speaking to other quitters, I know we all struggle the same. Millions of people have stopped, millions have felt like we do at the moment, but they have succeeded...and if that many people can do it, so can I and so can you.

    My problem over the last 24 hours (apart from feeling like I want to punch things) is that I feel down. Not down over not being able to smoke, more I feel like I am a different person and just feel queiter and more depressed. I am hoping that one of the senior peeps comes in now and reassurres that this is just a temporary thing.

    Anyway...good luck all on Day 6 - BRING IT ON.

  • Hi Sutty and all out there,

    Yes, I have been feeling incredibly down in exactly the same way you describe. Somehow you'd expect to feel incredibly good about yourself because of making it another day and managing to stick at it, but there is something about feeling different, down, bored and even boring (?) that is really knocking my self-esteem. I'd also feel reassured if all the nice senior peeps came in and told us it's a phase :confused:

    I do think it's something to do with the fact that when you've been a heavy smoker for such a long time, smoking and having a cigarrete in your hand is somehow built into your identity, and you literally have to build yourself a new identity and a new public "you". It may sound drastic, but that's the way it feels. Like you actually have to build yourself a new non-smoker identity. And I think that's the tricky part.

    Aanyway, I'm twittering again.

    Good luck to all on day 6!! Week 1 soon under our belt!


  • Sutty x x x x

    The depresion thing is so common x x It will pass and you will feel better soon. If you search it out on this forum you'll see just how common it is!!

    Maddog x x x x

    So glad you managed to hang on x x x x welcome to day6 x x x x x

    Tomorrow will be 1 week and things will start to feel easier.

    Sara x x x x

    So glad you hung on too x x x x x we'll skip into week 2 soon ;)

    Well done Elenita, Linda x x x x x morning Boudee x x x x x x x

    Now where's The Flipster?! hmmm

    ~Buffy x x

  • Keep Slogging

    Keep slogging on! You're doing great! One thing is for sure, the one-week mark is magical!

    Remember that all of us here "feel your pain" because we've been through it ourselves. I know that I just had to keep telling myself that when you "quit the quit" you go back to the end of the line. Next time you will have to go through week one all over again! No one wants to do that!

    In about another week I'll have completed 3 months without cigs, and I can tell you it's worth the hassle.

    Rob W

    Quiit: October 18, 2007

    Method: Cold Turkey

  • Thanks a lot Buffy.

    Well done you too! How's it going?


  • Ohh Yeahhhhhhhh it day 6. Bring it on.:D

  • Yes I am good today thank you x x x x

    The sun is shining which helps loads!

    ~Buffy x x

  • Hehe just got an image of a crowd of a dozen shuffling along together from one room to another, then baggsying the best beds lol

  • Morning all. xx

  • Goooooooooooooooooood Morning :D x x x x x

  • We all sound happy today. Is it this glorious sun?

  • The sunshine definatley helps me!! 'cept, I can't see the TV so well :o

  • My problem over the last 24 hours (apart from feeling like I want to punch things) is that I feel down. Not down over not being able to smoke, more I feel like I am a different person and just feel queiter and more depressed.

    I know it sucks but hang in there, it definitely IS just a phase :) A very painful one, mind you - I found myself sobbing a lot and for no reason other than I had quit smoking :rolleyes: - but not only it does go away, you will also be rewarded with a lot of new and unexpected happiness :) I know, the initial days are kind of too confused and painful to be really appreciated, I used to feel like my mind was kind of paralyzed because I couldn't rely on cigarettes and nothing seemed to matter anymore, it all felt like a terrible struggle to get nowhere for reasons that suddenly sounded too weak to be that important anymore - but that's just the nic demon trying to manipulate our mind! once the fog starts to clear, and luckily is does so in a very short time, you find yourself again and you realize that everything is indeed alright, then I can assure you that being really happy and in a totally new unexpected way becomes the main thing and it's an amazing feeling :D

  • Morning Francesca

    Thanks for the very nice post you do forget about how bad the first week is till your back here. never mind almost at week 2 Linda xxxxxxxxx

  • Congrats to all the fabulous "sixers"! One for all, and all for one


  • Congrats to all the fabulous "sixers"! One for all, and all for one


    Love the little head banging smiley haha :)

  • Congrats to everyone who has made it thus far.

    The pain goes away soon. Mine has settled down a bit now and I am starting to feel better, nerve endings all warm and tingly. It's great. Best not to forget what the withdrawal symptoms feel like though. It is too easy to get complacent and think it will be OK if you have "just the one".

    Plenty of vit C helps the pangs. Cranberry juice seems to be best. Lots of water too helps to flush it all out. Anyway, the physical symptoms should definitely be subsiding by day 6 or 7.

    Good luck all and keep it up :)

  • Well done Alec. I am finding today really easy but maybe that isnt a good thing. You watch tomorrow i will be pulling my hair out.

  • Im finding today surprisingly easy too but then i did have real poo day yesterday :)

  • Hi l also found yesterday hard. Today is definately much better! :)


  • night all see you all in day seven Linda xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Night night x x x x x

    Tomorrow is our last day in this room :D

    Well done everyone x x x x x

    ~Buffy x x

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