No Smoking Day

Day 4 - Mixed feelings

Well, another one bites the dust I guess...

So, today, no cigarettes again, played rugby (which was fun despite the arctic conditions) so all is good on that front. However, I lost my bike key which meant that I had to walk 5 kms under the sodding rain (pardon my French) and I miss my ex more than I have missed her since I stopped.

However, still no cigarette, I do not know if I deserve a medal considering the stress I am under but I certainly deserve a break...



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:D You did. it......


Well done Fergus-hope it was a good match and you thrashed them!!

I know you have found the split from your girlfriend hard-which could quite easily be a good excuse to start the horrible smoking again-but you havent which shows great strength of character -so well done you and just stay focused xxx


hi offshore,,well come to the fourm ,you have done well getting to day 4,i think you have done the hardest bit getting that far,,just shows when you were under stress, you keeped very strong and did not smoke,,see you can do it,,well done ,,a pat on the back for you,,just you keep the faith tony

keep:D:D:D and be happy in your quit


You are doing well! Have been watching all the newbees and cheering them on! Keep going.


Hi Fergus

You are doing really well keep it going onwards and upwards

all the best



Hi Fergus congrats for staying strong even though by the sounds of things your personal life isn't too happy at the moment.


another day under your belt and you are so strong in lots of does get easier x;)


hi, well done , you sound so sound ! i think i totally understand your reasons for quitting and you may be given another opportunity to balance things out with your friend , who knows, the best thing you have done is doing this incredible empowering quit for yourself , it will be something for you to be proud of, and you will i promise love yourself more..... you sound lovely already btw :D


Well done mate day 4 almost day 5. Things will start to improve big time now. Congrats you are showing great strenth with the things that are happening you will be so proud of yourself when you come out the other side. You will honest.xxxx


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