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No Smoking Day
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Day 4 and feeling the strain already

Trying to stay cheerful but I think today's going to be a hard one. Just can't shift this apathetic feeling that I can't describe but I know it's because I'm probably still yearning for my daily nicotine fix:mad:.

I am determined not to give in (as I've done so many times before) and run out and buy cigarettes that right now seem so tempting. I'm looking at this quit as a test and failure isn't an option.

OMG what a wimp I must be - only day 4 and feeling the strain already.

Telling myself to snap out of it and that I won't give in and hoping my mood lifts soon - I know that nobody likes a moaner:( .

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You've reached day 4 and that's fantastic. Keep going, hour by hour, and soon you'll have reached day 5. Think of that! You're not moaning - you're going through withdrawal from something that has become a habit and you're entitled to sound off a bit! This is a good place to say how you feel - everyone has been there and everyone understands.


Linda....Day 4 is a milestone and very, very well done !!!

You can moan and groan as much as you like on this forum because we are here for you in this first few horrifying days.... Just keep on posting to keep your mind of that "Daily nicotine fix"

Chickweed said it...Everyone of us has been there....!! wish I could take part of your pain.....!!

Stay strong Linda !!


These are tough days to get through for sure, but you can and will, each day you push through your that much close to the pain free days some of us here are now enjoying. You don't want to go through this again, think of that, once your done with this discomfort/pain of withdrawel it gets so much better. Stay strong.


Thanks to all of you for your for encouragement and support, and for listening to my moans.

Talk about mood swings!! This morning I was feeling really down and all because I couldn't reach out for a stupid cigarette. As the day went on I came to my senses and just got on with it as normal - well better than normal really because I didn't waste any time or money on smoking breaks. I'm absolutely fine now and glad I've almost managed another 24 hours smokefree.

I should know what to expect by now because I've had so many trial runs. I just don't want this to be another one to add to the long list.

What I don't like is the way I've allowed smoking to dominate my life for so long - never really thought of it that way before but I'm discovering it's the truth - hoping

that this thought will help me stay strong this time.

Oh well, Day 5 tomorrow :) and feeling positive about it (at the moment that is;)).


Linda... Cant wait for your day 5 post....

(I have said it so many times.....How do I forgive myself for depriving me from this wonderful smoke free live for so long ??)

You are doing extremely well.. Hang in there !!


Nice Linda :)... your past the worst and your doing well just keep at it, stay positive and your trials will be over........

Its time for the finale m'lady!!!


Hello Linda

I have read a couple of your posts and am right behind you. I think it's great you are looking at how smoking ruled your life. I found that made the difference for me this time. Day 4 and 5 saw me fail several times, then struggled at 6-8 weeks a few times but this time i am at 6 months. I think I thought that's enough,I rule my life and if it's awful quitting so be it, I'll take pain for as long as needed to be free. This forum showed me that others were reporting getting past the hard bit and not regretting it. I hope it does the same for you. You are doing great and looking at it the right way so I'm sure it will be your final torture 😜


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