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Hi All,

I am still alive and kicking... Which is a miracle, as this christmas holiday as been a living hell... :) The one thing thing I am looking forward to is Monday the 7th *** BACK TO SCHOOL *** :D

My 5 year old son has broken me, chewed me up and spat me out again...

Thats enough moaning, its my birthday tomorrow on the 4th of January and at 12 noon I am going for another no smoking campaign... Seems like a good enough date to pick...

Oh did I mention it's my birthday tomorrow...

Hopefully I will be joining all you non-smokers in 2008.

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GAV!!! x x x x

Jump on board hun we can do it ;)

Have a very happy birthday *mwah*

~Buffy x x

Hi Gav, I am wishing you all the luck with your quit tomorrow.

Ohh and you only live up the road to me.:)


Flippy, keep a good watch over him will ya, we don't want him to slip ;)

About time you were back gav. good luck and stay with us YESSSS ? :)

Come on Gav it will be good to have you back. Linda xxx

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