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I'm addicted to Nicorette Quickmist


Hi all,

I have just registered for this forum as I am nearly at the end of my tether and don't know where else to turn. I gave up smoking in December last year but have since become addicted to the Nicorette Quickmist mouth spray. I know this is a quit smoking forum but I need help and support to quit using the mouth spray. I am 18 weeks pregnant and sadly even my baby is not enough of an incentive to stop using.... the stuff is evil.:mad: I have just traded one addiction for another.

I'm going to make tomorrow Saturday 6 June my quit date - any advice on how I can deal with this would be much appreciated.

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hi just stay strong and keep posting on here. Take it one step at a time. I don't know how much nicotine is in this Spray but I guess it can't be that much, so it's probably more a psychological addiction. Keep your mind occupied, drink lots of water and post on here. You can do this

Hello, so pleased your with us, at a great place.

Just a thought maybe they have a stop smoking clinic at your gp surgery, they will indeed welcome you, and just may be another form of nrt, may help

I,m not proud of the fact that I to smoked when having my children, so your not alone in that.

Keep reading and posting, and a chat with your gp, just might be a turning point.

I look forward to your up dates

Hello Queenb and welcome. Don't know much about Nicotine spray either, but would imagine that quitting spray would be similar to quitting cigarettes and likely to experience the same sort of things. Be strong, keep your mind busy with positive thoughts and take some deep breaths. Post and read as much as you can here, it does help - You can do it:)

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Queenb, hi - I hope you have a good, positive quit day :)

Have you tried talking to your local smoking cessation advisor? They'll likely know more about this spray, and perhaps have some helpful advice?

I do know that sticking around here and sharing your troubles and triumphs is helpful though :)

Good luck x

That's a good idea Karri, use another mouth spray instead, one with a strong menthol taste and deep breaths. Trick your brain onto believing this spray i.s the nicotine spray - sounds like a really good and workable idea :)

Hello. I managed to give up smoking nearly 3 yrs ago and found quickmist the most helpful. However I'm very much addicted to it despite trying to cut down. My depression doesn't help as during low times quickmist is a soother. I worry I am using it excessively. I ask my wife to keep it and for me to use it only when I'm desperate. Also to not have it near me for example when I'm at home. Having it on my person only means I will use it more I chat to my GPS who is empathetic but really I can only keep trying. My GP suggested I might try a nicotine patch for some of the time which may help wean off the quickmist. Hopefully we will have some warm sunny weather soon which will hopefully help my mood swings and lesson quickmist use. I try and view as an achievement when I manage to go longer between usage. I really understand people who struggle with quickmist addiction. Thanks for sharing as it helps me knowing others situation. Best wishes. John, Witney, Oxfordshire.

jimc1324 in reply to Delwin

I believe this spray causes or increases my mood swings. Also, on days that I use it a lot, I believe it disturbs my sleep pattern. I will go back to nicotine lozenges, they were easier to control.


Welcome Delwin and well done on 3 years, that is fantastic!

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with quickmist and had to google what it was, hopefully some other posters here that use it will have advice for you.....

Delwin in reply to RoisinO1

Thank you Robson for your friendly response. It's nice being in a forum of helpful and understanding people who try and understand each other. Best wishes and trust you have a good day. John (delwin)

Delwin in reply to RoisinO1

Sorry Roisin . Predictive text got your name wrong in the note just sent.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Delwin

No worries John!

I am also addicted to this product. I have tried for weeks to give it up without success. Also, my use has increased over time which is not good. I can say with almost certainty that the spray does have an adverse effect on my mood and sleep pattern. I am going to try going back to Nicotine lozenges they come in packs of three with 50 in each. At least when I was on them I found I could better control my intake. The mist is 1mg per spray and the lozenges, if I remember correctly, come in 2-4mgs each.

I quit the cigarettes on 5 April 2015, and i have had a handful of cigarettes between then and now. Not proud of it, but when i have a beer it impossible to resist when there is another smoker. The quickmist was fantastic after a night out, i could just quit again and never think of cigarettes. However i am addicted to the quickmist and i drive out of my way to chemist warehouse and i am buying 5 packs of triple quickmist, and when i spray, i usually do it three times each go. It more expensive than cigarettes. I need help to get off this stuff. I feel it gives me mood swings, and i use to be the most easygoing character i know. This stuff is worst than the cigarettes, the only bonus is you don't smell as bad. I'm going to go to my GP tomorrow and give it my best shot. Hope these mood swings and my silly behavior to react with a temper for no good reason, does not make me go back on it. I feel it has changed me as a person, to someone i wouldn't want to live with either.

Best of luck everybody.


Hey Plunky (and Delwin & jimc1324 ), this post is over a year old - perhaps create a new post to get members attention on quickmist - unfortunately I have no experience or advice on it.

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