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Well my old friends here I am again as promised back to start again. Its now 1150, put patch on at 9am as am working tonite behind bar so wont be going to bed very early, mine are 16 hr patches Boots (I find them good) although my arm was itching like mad earlier but has now settled down. On my second coffee of the day, will have to watch that.

Good luck to all that have restarted or are just starting. Like the look of the new site.


Pupalup xxxx

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  • Hi pupalup. Well done on starting your quit. Dont know if we have met before but pleased to meet you now:D

  • Flippy, many thanks, was here last year but fell by the wayside (dark side) but hopefully good to go this time. Have a real goal as am going on holiday at end of February to Thailand. Wot better reason.


    Pupalup xxxxx

  • Think of the extra cash you will have by febuary. I have never been to thialand but my brother went last year and he said it was amazing. I have to wait till end of june for my holiday and hopefully wil be well and truely a non smoker.

  • Welcome back pupalup *hugs*

    I too fell :( after 9 months!!

    So I am here on day 2 with Linda, Flippy, Josie and breezerboy.

    We'll get through this x x Together :D x x

    Best of luck pup stay strong, welcome home ;)

    ~Buffy x x

  • Thanks Buffy, am looking forward to be smoke free again and not freezing my butt off, especially as didn't smoke in house and with all the smoking outside pubs and all, got really cold.

    Good luck to you. Stay strong.


    Pupalup xxxxxx

  • Welcome Back pupalup

    Good to see Linda xxxxxxxxx

  • Welcome back pupalup! your brain will be free from smoke thoughts by the time you travel to Thailand!

    Good luck and keep us posted we're all behind you and hey, you're part of the most amazing bunch of quitters ever here, hehe :D

  • Welcome back pupalup! Good to see you here again.. Best of luck with your quit .. I'm sure it's going to go well for you:) Keep busy!:D

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