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Into Month 2!

Hello again, sporadic GBN here and I wanted to say I am into my 2nd month of my stopping smoking journey.

I will admit quickly that I had half a cigarette the other day. I had a pint and a nice lunch, and the desire was too strong, so i had one. After lighting up and taking a few drags COR BLIMEY it tasted FOUL, and my god it stank. I didn't take more than two breaths in before chucking it out. The whole experience felt very alien and wierd to me, something i didn't expect. I didn't 'take the smoke down' as I used to, so i'm sure no damage has been done to my repaired healthy lungs. If it has then so be it, i'll let them repair again.

Unlike most, I haven't thought about it, or craved, too much since i slipped. I don't feel bad about it either, because in a way it has made me realise now it would be very difficult to actually start again. The whole experience of smoking for me has changed unbelieveably so in the last month. I don't think I could do that to myself. The levels of cravings for Nic are now lower than my desire to be smokefree.

I'm not going to let this one cigarette drag me back down into the abyss that is being a smoker. Not since i've come so far.

Hope everyone else is doing ok in their journey. :)

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Like your attitude, you slipped up but got straight back on the wagon.

I'm sure that with the fresh memory of how awfull it tasted and fealt that you will never again be tempted.

All the best and keep it up, Here's to a smoke free xmas


Thanks greenbyname for giving me a vivid picture of what it would be like to just have one! It's put me off really well. I am not really near having one but I may be close in the future (it happened before) so I will remember your words.

Well done for getting over it.


The taste and the smell will blow you away, so obviously i wouldn't recommend doing it. You might even throw up if you smoked heavily before, and take a lung full that your lungs aren't prepared for.

It must be what it's like to try smoking for the first time - in fact the tastes and smells i was experiencing REMINDED me of my first night out on the fags (how wierd!), about 6 years ago. Very odd sensation. So for 6 years my taste buds and smell receptors haven't worked! That is freakish. What else has happened to me!?

After a month, you cannot just get up one day and start puffing like you haven't smoked for a day. You can really feel the change in your body. Just think about all those senses and feelings you have now that are destroyed by smoking. It was an overcoming experience! I must say, I think through these hard few weeks, my brain has rewired itself to cope without nicotene, and the cravings tend to come around after alcohol or if i have starved myself (and need the uplift). Cravings have stopped that relate to times of day or certain situations, for example first fag of the day with a coffee, or fag in car, etc.


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