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I am 42 years old have had a heart attack when I was 40 and was just in the hospital for coughing up blood ,alot of blood. I thought I had cancer. After a few tests and three days in the Hospital It was said I had bursted a bronkiel artery while coughing in my sleep.

I retired from the Navy when I was 40, I have two teenage boys I want to watch grow up. I have alot to live for. I stopped smoking cold turkey on December 1st 2007. Its only been 11 days for me and the craving seem to be worse this week lol. But I have no plans to start up again. I do consider myself a nonsmoker now.

It was a big wake up call thinking I had lung cancer. I dont want to ever feel that way again.

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Hi Rek. omg how scary. I'm also 42 and have a 14ye old daughter. Mortality suddeny takes on a whole new meaning when you have kids doesn't it? Well done on quitting matey. Keep it up!


Welcome aboard Rec. Its a bit of a mad house in here, but the support is woth its weight in gold. Good luck with your quit and stay strong.:)


Thanks everyone. I am still hanging in there. But I think I am developing a chest cold though. :mad:


It'll be the nicest chest cold you've ever had! :D

Well you have some great reasons to quit, as I keep saying the 'kick up the arris' that is mortality bearing down on you can help you see perspective in your life.

If you feel like having a cig just log in here, this place is great to vent anger or frustration when you need to. I use it to keep my thoughts in a 'diary', so i can see how far i've come. It is difficult for me to just know how i'm doing. By writing it all down you can really see improvements.

Either this, or buy a punchbag!


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