No Smoking Day


Hi everyone!

I'm a 32y old (smoking since 18, god! almost 2 decades... :( )

I'll quit tomorrow, decision made!

No really a good time ...

I'm moving house this weekend (all the stress!), lots of xmas dinners (with booze and the inevitable temptation of a fag)... :-P

But I'll give it a shot...

It's not my first time, I tried several times (sometimes with nicotine gum, patches and a LOT of times just cold turkey)

I think it was Mark Twain that said:

"To stop smoking is really easy ... I myself did it a million times..." ;-)

But all in all, even I try for two weeks and can't make it, at least it LESS two weeks of lung beating I take ;-)

Best wishes for all of you trying to quit!

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Hi there! Welcome and great decision it is! :D


nice that you are giving it another shot. but dont try to quit, trying would mean that failure is possible. just know you are quitting and say thats it . put out that last one and say no more. dont put it off because it seems like a bad time because you will always find something wrong with the timing no matter when you quit. the most inconvienent time is probly the best time to quit because if you can get through tough stressful time without smoking early on, then the no so stressful moments will be alot easier.

i get most of my urges when driving. they dont last long at all because i ask myself if smoking a cigarette would make me happy. then i reflect back and try to remember the last cigarette that made me happy that i was happy to be smoking. i cant remember any cept maybe all the wayyyyy back when i first started to be cool in front of my friends. so a cigarette isnt the answer. all i can think of mostly is instances of smoke going up my nose, in my eyes, ashes falling everywhere, cherries falling in my lap and playing the hunt game when they mysteriously fell off. not very happy times lol.

since you are moving into a new house and pointed out the stresses that come with it id like to share something else.

moving is a life changing experience with stresses. alot of routines change because of location or some benefit/luxury has been either added or removed between the two houses. you have to live there awhile before you get comfortable and get that "at home" feeling. some people can make the transition better than others. now this is exactly the same as quitting smoking. alot of the stresses you get from quitting are from lifechanging experience of not smoking anymore. i dont know if im making any sense but it does take awhile to get that "at home" feeling from the transition from smoker to non smoker. much the same way a new house is akward for awhile.

anyway its late for me and i offer you congradulations on your quit date. and if you have any fears or doubts along the way,remember your moving from homeless shelter to a mansion. itll just take a bit to get settled in as your routines will change. ask when was the last time you was happy to be smoking a cigarette. btw im 32 also, started at 15 and was up to almost 2packs a day when i quit 21 days ago.

aiight im out, peace


Hey FreshLung, tomorrow is now today, hope you're doing ok.

Welcome to the forum and best of luck, we're all here for ya :D


Still here :-)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your support!

No cigs for me yesterday! But you all now the drill better than me, 'cause you've been there: one day at the time...

As I said in the original post I'm moving this weekend, so hopefully I won't have time to smoke ;-P or more realistically as I'm totally unfit and don't exercise I'll probably be gasping for air not smoke ;)

Unfortunately I've just realised my new place still hasn't net access so I'll try to catch up next week...

Thanks again!


Hi!! Glad you are still with us and smoke free! you are doing amazing so keep it up and gasp for air, not smoke just like you said! Soon you won't gasp for air or smoke because your lungs will be in the best shape they have ever been in and air will flow freely even while doing an exercise.


Well done and good luck on your quit.

And dont try, do!


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