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Day 10 (double figures!)


My skin has improved already. Astoundingly so. I've had manky skin for years - been on various courses of antibiotics for acne, which at 37 is not really anything you want to be boasting about - but suddenly, it's cleared up. It's like it hasn't been in god only knows how long. Okay, I am drinking more water than I was (only about a litre a day - keep a bottle on my desk and just sip it continually through the day), but it's only been 10 days since I stopped smoking and I'm just a little stunned.

Mind you, I wonder how much of it is due to the boost my self-confidence has taken, knowing that I don't ming like an old ashtray, that my hair doesn't stink (and I have a lot of hair.......on my head) and that I can speak to people without fearing that my fag breath will repulse them (and it is repulsive - I was talking to someone today who'd obviously just been for a smoke and I was so tempted to tell them just how rank the stink was coming off them - how to win friends, eh?!).

I was thinking a fair bit about how my life revolved around smoking. The 40 mile round trip at 11pm to the nearest 24 hour supermarket (I kid you not) because I was working all night on my thesis or revising for exams and couldn't cope with the thought of running out of cigs. The sneaking out IN MY OWN HOUSE when my boyfriend was here because he hated it so much - or worse, encouraging him to take MY dog out for a walk, just so I could have a ciggy. Going to the shops and not even being able to wait until I was home before having a cig - oh no, that 10 minute drive was just too long to wait. Etcetera.......

What is there to miss?!

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Excellent, good on ya. Everyone has commented on the dark circles under my eyes, told me they're not there now and that my skin is glowing.

I also not don't hesitate to tell my friends they reek of smoke, in the hope one day it will make them think 'hmm maybe i should give up!'

It does ming though!!:D

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