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4 months today!!


Yippee, yay yay, yeah!!!


Celebrate good times, come on!!!

Hi guys, 4 months today, and i didn't realise until a few hours ago, thats how much it crosses my mind these days.

I luuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeee being a non smoker, and truly hope i'm never stupid enough to put a cancer stick in my mouth EVER again.

Hope everyone is staying strong.

To those just starting out, stay strong, keep at it, you WILL get there!!!

Miss u's lots, but ain't got the time these days to be around much.

Hope everyone is well.

Lots o' love and fag free kisses xxxxxxxxxxx


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Way to go girl ;)

I am proud of ya x x x x

You have done so much and turned your self around! biggest pat on the back!


~Buffy xx

Well done Choco!

Keep it up:D

Congrats to you superstar!!! Keep going - you can do it!

Smoke free kisses back at ya! :D

Congrats choco!!!! Wow I can't wait to reach 4 months myself, it just sounds so good! Thanks for stopping by and thinking of us hun :)


congratulations on reaching 4 months, keep it going

your a star

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