The start of Week 3

Hi Everyone,

Well Im here!!! Week 3 - I made it!!!

Weekends are so hard for me and there were 2 instances over the weekend where I was ready to throw in the towel...but I didnt, I stood firm, reminded myself of all the reasons why I decided to quit and thought about how I really wanted to make a post in week 3:D

So here I am...

Bring on the rest of the week!!!

3 Replies

  • CONGRATULATIONS , Well done your so strong. Weekends can be a real test and you stayed strong. your a superstar. x

  • Well done Ellen, i feel the same as you at the weekends. Got over the routine of my work cigs but the weekends are a pain.

    Keep up the good work :)

  • well done!!!

    cant believe it myself! sometimes i get a bit of wel.... 'proudness' i spose!!! after gaggin for a cig! and not caving in!

    WELL DONE ON MAKING IT THROUGH THE WEEKEND!!!! the rest is a doddle!

    ermmm. sort of!!!! hehe

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