No Smoking Day

Mad dreams

These are the best things about quitting, my dreams have been INCREDIBLE! Particularly odd one last night:

The pub down the road from me was on fire early in the morning, and I was stood across the road watching it with my mum. We watched for ages, suddenly it was light and there was loads of traffic, so I decided to jump onto a bus that was going past (a la 1940s) to get a lift up there and see what was going on. But I ended up missing my stop and going a bit further on into the countryside, and I had to walk back. I walked along this path that went by a stream and it was so incredibly vivid and beautiful...there were reeds and foxgloves and little idyllic bridges, it was straight out of a disney film. Butterflies flying about and birds tweeting, and blossoms on the trees and stuff. Really gorgeous (my imagination is ace!).

Suddenly there was this old man following me, and I have vague recollections of being a bit scared of him. but he turned out ok in the end, and we made it to the main road. Then I woke up.

So odd...what are your strange dreams?

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Good to see you in week 2 Joan! Hope alls going well xxxx


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