No Smoking Day


Hi all.

Not really day one YET, but today's the day I go to see the doctor to get some help in quitting once and for all.

I've smoked 'properly' for 20 years, and that in itself scares the hell out of me, and after a few attempts to pack it in, this time I've had enough. In the past I've tried cold turkey, Zyban (but had the most awful time on it - had massive panic attacks and was truly suicidal. I was plagued with feelings of utter worthlessness and despair, so needless to say I didn't stay on it long), nicotine gum (tasted so horrible I needed a fag to get rid of the taste) and patches and even hypnotherapy (I just fell asleep...). The longest I quit was 3 weeks.

Anyway, my son hates me smoking, my boyfriend despises it and with every passing day I'm getting more and more disgusted with it myself. The health thing is also preying on my mind more and more. There's a history of cancer on my mother's side of the family, and my father had a major stroke at 58 (not that he smoked). So the odds aren't really in my favour!

My friend's just successfully quit using Champix so I'm going to see if the doctor will prescribe that. The stupid thing is that when I'm at my boyfriend's house, I have no desire to smoke at all. The odd 'oooh, ciggy' thought will pop into my head but it quickly goes again. I even went away with him for 3 days and survived on just one cigarette. I get no strong cravings, nothing. And when I come back to my house, the stink of stale smoke revolts me. Yet the minute I'm on my own I'm off again. As handcuffing myself to him for a week or so isn't an option, I'm going to have to try another route!

So I just wanted to say hello before the *real* fun begins :eek:

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how do?!

I wish you all the best of luck in changing your life for the better. There are 496,858,390,578,360,483 great reasons to stop smoking and no good reason to carry on - so odds are in you favour to make the best decision in your life work!

Best of Bristish!!!

sam xx


hi and welcome. I've tried to quit smoking several times using patches,cold Turkey,hynotherapy EVERYTHING. I even tried zyban back in June . My experience of that just like yours.'paranoid delusional thoughts' Dr called it.I've been taking champix (at his suggestion) for a little over 7 weeks now. Been quit 6wks.I've found it to work really well. No nausea just the occasional headache and a bit of indigestion (nothing that an asprin and a rennie won't cure!) Itseems to take all the anxiety away too. I've had minimal withdrawl symptons not like when I had atches and couldn't sleep or nothing. Try it. Its great.:)



Welcome to the forum. You are strong enough and will succeed. Its a hard road but together we will all get there.

Good luck at the doctors and let us know how you get on!


A Big Welcom Its A Great Forum. Need A Bit Of Support, Just Yell.


Well, I've been and gone and done it :)

The doctor couldn't have been more helpful, and I came away with a prescription for Champix. Unfortunately my local chemist doesn't stock it but they've ordered it for me and I can collect it tomorrow afternoon.

I've been sat at the pc job hunting and filling in application forms, smoked myself silly and feel really quite revolting. I'm looking forward to getting on with it now!

Thanks for the welcome :)


smoked myself silly

That's exactly what I did on purpose right before qutting for good, hehe :D Hey I think it helps! when I happen to think about a ciggy I can't help but go back to that last memory of Disgusting and Truly Revolting :D, and the odd crave goes away. Good luck and congrats on making this great decision xxxxx


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