No Smoking Day
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My First Day

Hey folks!

I'm new to this, thought I could do with the support. Well I have had numerous attempts at trying to stop smoking - patches,gum etc, none of which seemed to work! But I have got to the stage where I just simply don't enjoy smoking anymore, I am worried about my health, and then of course I could find better things to spend the money on. I did read Alan Carr's How To Stop Smoking. I liked this book, there were no lectures, it just gave me an understanding. I must admit it is worth a read. It didn't stop me smoking however (I only lasted 2 days), but I would say it gives you more determination and will power. So to cut a long story short, I am now trying out Zyban. Today is day one, I have not had a cigarette since 10pm last night. I feel good, during the day it was easy, but coming home that was tough. My partner smokes, so it is right infront of me, trying to tempt me, but I haven't given in and I am determined not to.


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Well done Stacey!!

and a big WELCOME to this fab site.

The support here is what has kept me going and the people are great, have given me lots of advice, tips and above all laughs along the way!!! :D

Keep posting and keep those hands busy when the cravings hit you!

Take care,




welcome Stacey

Congrats on your quit you have come to the right place you will get great support here.keep posting and stay strong. Linda xxxxxxxx


Hey Stacey,

Welcome and very well done!!

This forum is a huge help to me and I hope it helps you too!

It must be really hard, to go home to a smoker, so well done for not caving in. Maybe he wouldnt mind maybe smoking outside, if things get to tough for you?

Anyways keep strong, your doing great!!


Good luck Stacy.... show your partner whos the thougher one;)


day 6

Never thought I would get this far, and if I can, you can.....keep it up, you will feel so much better


Hey Stacey,

Your on the right path, keep your head up, with determination and perserverance you will do well.... and remember never give up....

keep up the good work :)


Hi Stacey :D

I'm on day 4 now, so like you struggling ... but filled with optimism!!!

Sending you positive thoughts for those week moments we all share ...

Good luck x


Welcome Stacey~

You have come to the right place! Lots of great people here with good advice & support. I had always been curious about Zyban because it was originally the antidepressant welbutrin. I could use an antideressant but every one I tried gave me fierce headaches. Let me know how it works out for U. Good luck & hang in there. Tell your partner to go outside & smoke! Mine still does & it makes things much easier & my house don't reek!:D



Welcome Stacey to the forum, and well done on your quit!



Congrats on your quit, keep us posted on how you get on.

Good Luck


How you doing? This forum helps, lots of people you are unlikely to ever meet, doing exactly the same thing, for themselves, and without being selfish!! How good is that!!!!

What else can you do for yourself, feel good about it and not be called selfish?? :D

answers on a post card please!


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