No Smoking Day
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Nearly 100 days On 28-10-2007

hi people

been a while since i have posted anything so thought i would put my head round the corner and say hi.

as i said a month ago i smoked 2 fags through stress and was as sick as a parrot.

well not touched a single puff since and each time i get a craving for a smoke i think of the sicky time i had and yep that puts me straight off.

VERY happy to be a none smoker and only get the every know and again craving for a ciggie but i jump straight back into this brilliant forum and just re-read all the messages.

keeps my resolve up and my overdraft down ...hehehhehe

so going to celebrate with a nice drink and today thursday is the second day of my interview for working in a care home with young disabled people and i truly dont think i would have got invited back to the second interview if i had stunk of ciggies or my skin and teeth looking all yellowey.

so hope i will get the job because the money is not great but the job prospects are so will keep posted if anyone is interested.

keep up the resolve its the best way


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Hello timothy x x x

Grats on creeping up to day 100!

Good luck with he job!!

What a wonderful thing to be doing x x

Do keep us posted, enjoy your rewards!

You bloody well deserve it :D

~Buffy x x


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