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No Smoking Day
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sorry to people i may have offended, saying what my dad told me about being able to have ONE smoke on you for the whole day and only take little puffs here and there...

i will be honest, i dunno how serious i am about quitting.

i made it this far.

id rather not have to go through this twice,

but im only on day 4. and the cravings are bad.

im thinking i MIGHT have one tonight.

i dunno. ill just see how i feel....

the point tho... i just don't wanna feel bad because of TRYING to quit, that if i have one that i feel guilty or anything.

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You do what works for you,

Everyone is different x x x x

However, by putting into your body what you crave for will mean that you will have to come down from it again and you will be prolonging the addiction withdrawals.

In effect you will spend all your time in the process of 'quitting' which can be pretty draining!!

If you can use another treat for yourself ie a special meal or a glass of wine etc you will of got through another day x x x x

If you can go just a couple more days as you have already managed!! you will feel much better for it!!

A week in your life to change the course of your life isn't much on the grand scale of things!

Stay strong and keep busy x x

~Buffy x x


Do you want to be a non smoker??? If so then just keep trying. That is all you can do and no one will think any less of you.

A lot of people have to cut down before they completly quit. You do what is right for you. But I am sure there will always be support here for you.


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