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I'm New - and a question (I'm on Day3 btw!)

Hi I'm new, joining at Day 3 because I didn't find this forum before!

I've smoked since I was 16 (14 years), I smoked roll ups and I love them. LOVED them. I smoked about 15-20 a day.

Anyway, that's the background - my question is...

Is day 3 famed for being hard?

I'm struggling today, although having a bit of an emotional dilemma too, which isn't helping. I haven't given in and don't intend to, I just feel a bit scared that I will always feels this 'sad' about it. I'm chewing nicorette gum furiously - will patches help more or is gum good on it's own????

Sorry, so many questions! I have to shoot off now, I'll have a read around later, I'll probably be able to answer many of my own questions.

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In short - yes, day 3 is a bugger!!!

Its different for everyone, i can't remember but my bad days were something like 3,8,11,14,17,22, absolutely no pattern, random days, but it does pass.

Be prepared is the best advice - what are you going to do when u feel like this? Doing something that will make you use up energy usually helps.

Even just jog on the spot or scream into a pillow.

The sh*tty times do pass, and as time passes you have more good days, which make the bad days worse - if you know what i mean!!!

But the bad times are short lived and you can deal with it!!!

Come on here - we'll try our best to cheer you up!!!:D


day three i have just found out..i smoked a fag today [its my day 3 too] and it was the stupidiest thing i could have done so please please please be smarter than me and DONT SMOKE...because trust me ONE does now sitting wanting more just get through it unlike me :) haha

everyone heres cool so they will get you through it...x x


The silly thing is I don't actually have any desire for an actual cigarette - it's more the feeling of 'boredom' which is completely illogical as I keep telling myself that it doesn't make any activity 'more fun'. So why does the evening ahead of me filled with my normal activities of surfing the net and watching telly somehow seem less 'fun'????

Thanks for the replies so far - this forum is wicked and is going to be a big help.


Man just do a search for day3!!

It's hell sent believe me x x

Just a day x x x

Watch a sloppy DVD and cry your heart out!

Male or female a cry is good :)

Take a long bath and go bed early.

Tomorrow is a new day x x

Stay strong


~Buffy x x


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