No Smoking Day

Fionas Day 2 order to keep myself busy right now heres how its been going..

Day 1 was fine up until after dinner, I know this sounds daft but I was actually scared to eat all day because i ALWAYS needed a cigarette after eating...or so i thought..I actually was fine. I had been drinking water allll day and didnt have any caffiene which is good for me, and whilst in the car i ate polomints [sugar free yaaasss]. I did end up however needing one by night time..but i fought and i fought and chose to go to bed at a reasonable 10.30 :eek: which is shocking for me.

Day 2 got up stuck a patch on a felt fine, i felt like i could concentrate on things more today, and that i wasn't constantly thinking..FAG FAG FAG..which has been good..and hopefully my nightshift will go well..ill just take some polos and water and hopefully ill deal with it..

ill be super chuffed if i make it through my nightshift without one...

its sad that something as stupid as cigarettes can rule your life like this though..and you dont realise it until you stop..makes me more determined t hats for sure..;)


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well done fiona .:D

good luck with your night shift


thankies :D :D :D the polos will get me through hahaha x


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