No Smoking Day

Uh Oh, that was veryyyyy close

Ok, so I got out of bed at 4am after another toss and turn no sleep night. Anyway, sometime around 7am I decided this is it. I was sick and tired of fighting an urge to give up something I enjoy. I talked myself right into having a cigarette. My husbands smokes, so I figured there are cigs here somewhere. I looked all thru the house, walked out to the car even, and thankfully, there were no cigs to be found. I know in my heart of hearts, if there would have been any there, I would have gave up and smoked today.

What's really weird, is I don't feel the urges are any worse, its just like I got tired of fighting the fight. So here I am, sitting at work, still looking for an excuse to give up, but fighting myself the whole way. Today I start working on day 8, but with a very bad attitude, a "give up" attitude. Anyway, I hope some of you are doing much better then I am today.

Don't give up....I will not give up...hopefully if I say that enough it will work on all of us.

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oh Becca, sorry to hear you're not feeling too great today.

Dont feel low or put yourself down for NEARLY giving in, praise yourself for NOT giving in!

In all honesty, if you wanted one that badly what was stopping you this morning asking your hubby where they are? But you didnt! So there is a part of you that still wants to fight this! :)

It will get easier, although i was on day 11 yesterday and had one of the worst days so far, but it only last 1 day, today i'm feeling great and ready to battle on!

Come on my fellow solider, lets carry on the fight together xxxx


That was close becca x x x x

Bare in mind if you smoke now after all this work, you will be fighting still, to quit again and so the cycle will continue on.

Remember, It is easier to quit when you are not smoking.

Well Done for coming close and not going the whole hog ;)

Onwards and upwards!

~Buffy x x


Ok Louise, you made it thru your day 11, and I will make it thru today, and we can just keep on going one day at a time. But that's scary, day 8 is looking bad and now I am afraid of day I have found, I am liking Starbucks and Panera coffee a lot more then I did before. By the way, I wasn't that strong. I probably would have asked the husband for a cig, but he was already gone to work. However, I made it, that's over, and I am moving on, still smoke free.

Buffy, thanks for the words of encouragement. I keep telling myself, this quitting smoking will not go away, that I have been thru 7 days, working on the 8th, and I really don't want to have to do those over again.


aww Becca didnt wanna scare you! We all react differently! You will sail thru day 11! :D


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